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tumor at the base of my lower brain & top of my spinal colum

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Hi All.

First of all I am pleased to have found a site like this one, I had no idea that this site existed at all. I was just doing some searches & came across it, so for that I am please.

Well as I say I would like some advice if anyone can help or maybe point me in the right direction any way. You see I have a rare condition, I have a tumor at the base of my lower brain & at the top of my spinal column. This tumor is also mixed up within the nerves of my spinal column & therefore my whole body & nervous system is affected by it. I will not go any deeper into this problem, though I am sure that any Doctor or medical person that may read this will know about this kind of problem & what it can & does do.

I will say though that I am in constant pain 24/7 & have muscle spasms all over my body, arms & legs. Its very annoying & upsetting as I have small children & when that happens it upsets them a great deal. Back to my problem, I have over the last 8 months started to get a lot worse with some very bad symptoms that I have not really had before. Very bad pains shooting through from my neck into my brain, my whole body going numb & getting paralysis at times in my legs & arms. The Doctors put me in for a MRI to check on the stats of the tumor & they found that it was all the same as it was when they operated 8 years ago, although it was & has intertwined with & within all the nerves that come out of the spine & that go into it, also the nerves that are in the spine. I am sure you know what I mean by that.

Anyway when I last went to my doctor he was all for getting it sorted out until he found out that there was no extra growth, after that he just switched off. No matter what I said to him it just went in one ear & out the other. When I tried to explain about some of the symptoms he did not want to know & tried to talk about other things. Although they found no extra growth, the rest in still there & still causing me the same problems as it was before & needs to be found out why & if so dealt with. I have since seeing him started to get quite depressed & I do not wish to see him. I am now thinking that its all my fault I would be better off if I was not here.

Should I try to sort this out with him or should I try to find another Doctor. The problem with that is because of all that is wrong with me I am a heavy care user & I have a lot of drugs, so would another Doctor want me. I have tried to talk to him before as he got like this at least twice before & when I thought we had got through to him within weeks he went beck to being the same again. I am just getting more & more depressed by the day, does any one have any suggestions on this problem.

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replied August 3rd, 2007
This is unreal, I have asked for some help with advice on this forum that is supposed to be about health. Not one person has answered me or attempted to give any kind of advice at all. I posted this 5 days ago & nothing at all.

What is the point of posting here in the first place if you do not get any answer's.

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replied July 11th, 2008
Please come back!
Sent you a PM asking you to please return to eHealth. I apologize for no one responding to your post. It broke my heart to know not one person came back to you and at least said, Welcome to eHealth. There are caring individuals here, please reconsider?
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