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Could This Be Migraine Related ?

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Hi, I just found this forum today so this is my first post.

I am just now wondering if some of my symptoms could be mirgaine related. It all started about 15 yrs. ago. I began having spells of visual disturbances, smelling weird things, ears ringing, and my head feeling a bit spacy. These spells didnt seem to correlate with anything, sometimes I would get them alot, other times it could be many months in between. One time I got all these visual auras with ear ringing, then my vision started blackening until all I could see was a teeny area right smack in front of me. I couldnt see anything to the sides. I went to an eye doctor who found my vision to be perfect. However, he thought it might be neurological related, or maybe migraines without headaches. But I had no insurance then so never followed up on it. But i still had these episodes on & off over the years. I've also had bouts of sudden, unexplained nausea and vomiting without other symptoms. Now i'm wondering if this could somehow be related. Just recently, I began having severe sun sensitivity in my eyes. I went outside and all of a sudden I couldnt take the light, my eyes started watering as if I were bawling. I couldnt even take the light off my computer screen, so I wore sunglasses. This lasted about a week. I went out to dinner and all of a sudden I felt weird, but unexplainable. I took one bite of salad, and I'm sure it didnt even reach my stomach yet and the horrible nausea started. I had to run quick to the bathroom and vomited like crazy. Then my head felt spacy and I became very sleepy. Even had a hard time waking up the next morning. Just felt odd for about 2 days. The other day I got another bout of nausea and eye sensitity and my ears rang. Sometimes i get all these symptoms together, other times it might just be vomiting or ear ringing or auras, etc.

I never thought about it before......but is it possible all these symptoms could be related? Even though they dont always happen together? And could it be migraine related, even tho I dont get the headaches?
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replied August 12th, 2007
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To be honest, your symptoms seem to be more serious than a migraine. I'd look into it with a neurologist. Do you have insurance now?
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