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Menopause And Rosacea

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Hi all,
I am perimenopausal, so I only have to wait another few months then a year will have gone by and I can safely say I am a fully fledged member of the MENOPAUSAL gang - oh yippie. But since January this year (2007) I was diagnosed as having acne rosacea. This is quite a blow as I have always had lovely skin on my face. (I have eczema also). Can anyone tell me if these two symptoms are connected ?? Wink
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replied July 30th, 2007
Acne Rosacea and Menopause are not generally related. Usually acne rosacea is caused by what you put into your mouth, not from your hormons.

Heres some hints to help treat the acne rosacea:

-Use alchololic skin products as they dry the skin out (you want to moiterise it) be careful most acne products contain products that dry out the skin. So watch out for retinoid, salicylic acid, alcohol and benzoyl peroxide.
-Exfoliate TOO HARD or TOO OFTEN (this can often make it worse)
-Eliminate oily fried foods, ALCOHOL, SPICY FOODS.

-Use skin products that contain anti-inflammatory properties such as ALOE VERA, ROSE HIP OIL, GLYCERIN, MANUKA HONEY or COCONUT ingredients.
-Use antiseptic products to kill and destroy the infections
-Use a gentle fine exfoliant and LIGHTLY exfoliate each day.
-DRINK lots and lots of WATER to keep your body and rosacea hydrated.
-Use natural medication to combat the symptoms from the inside such as a teenager multivitamin.
-detoxify your body regularly using herbal detox kits, juicing and using a steam room.
-Eat a diet full of antioxidants including a good supplement.
-Have plenty of superfoods or phytofoods (highly potent nutritios powder foods).
-To treat scars use a natural scar reducing cream

Good luck with it
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replied July 31st, 2007
Hi Natural Queen
Thanks a bundle for all the infor.

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replied October 10th, 2007
read about the fungus factor by Doug Kauffman... it seems that alot of our medical problems could be linked to different kinds of fungus\yeast etc... check it out it might be something. his book is called "The fungus link". He seems to think that rosacea is linked to the food we eat.

my mom works for a dermatologist and she says that you can only treat this with a topical but this dude disagrees. hope this will help!

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replied November 2nd, 2009
thanks for the information.
I've always had pink undertones in my skin but recently they've become a lot more pronounced. So much so that even if I pile on makeup you can still see it coming through. I'm becoming more and more afraid that it's rosacea like all the others. And I search all the relevant information on the internet. And I get a clear picture of what Is Rosacea? What Causes Rosacea? and I have get a clear picture of this sickness and am sure I am not suffer it.
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replied February 20th, 2010
Thanks for the info. I'm a full fledge member also. In the last 4 month I've aquired both rosaca on both sides of my nose and eczma on my knee and both elbows. The doctor did not connect this symtoms to menopause. But now I wonder if the are.
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replied July 18th, 2011
I too have developed rosacea while perimenopausal, I am 50. I had mild acne as an adolescent, I have had mild dermatitis on an off all my life, excma as a child behind knees and elbows. I had mild asthma as a child, but 'grew' out of it by the time I was 21yrs. Recently, I had asthmatic symptons, first time in 29yrs. Along with a severe dose of the usual perimenopausal symptons, I attribute the rosacea and the return of asthma to the disruptive hormonal changes in my body.
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