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Extreme Tooth Pain

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i am scared. For several years now I have been taking ibuprophen (or its generic brand) pretty much every day....And several thousand miligrams at that.
Sometimes, I have taken as much as 8,000 miligrams at one time. I am not addicted to them, I need them for pain.
Actually, I kind of feel like they dont even work for me anymore.
I have severe teeth pain.
Several of my back teeth are bad and need to come out. They are absessed, and infected badly. I have a heart condition called mitral valve stenosis, and I am finding it impossible to find a dentist to remove my teeth.
Why is this????
I am on ssi, for my heart condition, and I am also bipolar, and on certain medications for this as well.
I have been in pain for years now, and it is effecting my life in every single way.
I have always taken good care of my teeth and my hygeine. I am wondering if the meds that I have been on over the years have done this to my teeth....Or if I am overdosing on ibuprophen.
Recently I was told that I am killing myself.
I'm scared, I dont want to die.
I just want the pain to go away.

Anyone have any answers or advice for me?

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replied March 20th, 2004
Extremely eHealthy

it seems to me that you are on a sort of merrygoround (without the merry!!), in that you take pain meds for the pain, they no longer work 7 have caused you to become addicted & make no mistakes you are addicted (i have suffered pain since age 10 & i'm now almost 49 - & I take alot of pain meds, but over the past several years i've weaned myself off - very scary at times & hard - & chosen which ones actually help & which do not) so you need to get off the meds - slowly & with thought as to what is & is not helping!!

Also start researching on the net for alternative cures, or alternative ways to alleviate the pain etc, like natural supplements, homeopathy, naturoathy, herbal, accupuncture, etc.

The ibuphophen is now being seen as a potential serious cause of kidney failure so stopo taking it, deal with the dt's & stay away from it, especially as you say you don't think it's even working.

Talk to your dr & dentist, phone dentists, check if there's a dentists registry/board or something - there should be someone who can remove these teeth etc.

You need to accept that you have a number of problems & that they can't all be dealt with at once & that you are the only one who can take control of your life & decide whether you want it to get better or whether you want to just leave it all & see if you die????

If you want to take control, do the things I suggested & then post again & i'll reply or pm me if you prefer & we can take "baby steps" toward healing you, but don't expect miracles, it will take time & there will be back steps & hassles etc.

But you are worth the trouble you'll have to go to in order to heal yourself.
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replied May 12th, 2004
I know what it is like to have teeth pain. I've had them for awhile due to my mom not taking me to the dentsist as a kid. I could go till I was 21 when I got insurance. Im 24 now. If I was in your situation I would not tell the dentist about my condition. That might not be the best advice though, but ive been told if you have an absessed tooth that if you dont get it taken care of that the infection could really mess you up. Sorry I can tbe much more help.
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replied September 5th, 2004
Tooth Help
I am so sorry to hear about your teeth. I am a dental assistant, so maybe I can help. First, you need to find a good dentist, and be honest about your health history. If you have heart problems or artificial joints/heart valves. Etc...The doctor will ask you to premedicate with an antibiotic on the days that he does procedures on you. The standard is 4 pills one hour before your procedure. That will ensure that you will not get endocarditis or any other infections from working in a "bloody" field in your mouth. I know you are scared and I would be too, but know that if you wait too long with these abcesses (infections at the roots of your teeth) you could get seriously ill. It can get into your blood and really cause some damage-especially with your condiditon. If the abcesses stay there for too long, they will bore holes in your bone for a place for them to drain, called a fistula. For the extractions, you should go to an oral surgeon. They have the ability to put you to sleep so that you won't remember a thing, or they can give you nitrous oxide to take the edge off. For the other teeth that are salvagable, find a good dentist that will work with you and get you back in tip-top shape! I hope this helps!
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replied June 1st, 2011

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