Hi , I am acting as a relay for an italian friend that doesn't speak english and is looking for information around the world.

Local specialists are befuddled and so far diagnosed "asymptomatic cardiac enlargement". Global left ventricle enlargement, significant reduction of the cinesis (ipocynesis) of the left ventricle, important reduction of the systolic indexes, reduced diastolic functionality

The patient is a 60 years old female with an extremely stressing lifestyle, easily pulling 12 hours a day of intellectual work for the last 30+ years.

In 2003 she started suffering some very occiasional episodes of tachycardy. She was subjected to an ecodoppler test that proved to be inconclusive. Doctors expected leg swelling and breathlessness, but the patient didn't show any of such symptoms.

The patient was prescribed beta-blocking drugs and cardioaspirin and so far show a significant reduction of tachicardy (from 100 beats down to a max of 80 and a lower average) and a reduction of asystolic events, which almost disappeared.

She is looking for information about causes, genetic or viral still not being excluded, cures and procedures that could be useful in finally understanding what is causing her heart problems.

Thanks for your time Smile
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