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Anti-depressants - How Do You Feel?

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Anyone take anti-depressants? How do they make you feel? If I'm feeling depressed is it worth it to go talk to a doctor and put myself in that awkward situation? It's been a steady decline for the last three years and I'm looking for an answer, even if its in meds.
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replied July 27th, 2007
Yup I take Budeprion XL also known as the generic Wellbutrin XL. I feel impossibly better after starting. I was pretty sever but I told my parents, it took months to do so, and they did the work for me, got me in to see a physiatrist. If you've been feeling depressed with nothing to cause it, definitely go see a doctor. My physiatrist compared it to diabetes because both left untreated can be very harmful but both can be treated in the same manner. If exercise and diet aren't doing enough go to the doctor, no doubt about it.
Don't count on the first medicine to work though, my first had me throwing up constantly. I was lucky my second worked so well though.
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