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Pregnant?? No Idea Wats Goiin On!

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Well i went to the ob/gyn bout 1 1/2 weeks ago...he said that i had bacterial vaginitis..and i was on pills for 7 days {metronidozol} i think , well i took them all the last dose was friday july 19th and on monday i started back smoking and the next morning when i got up i had some brown discharge and i seen a little bit of blood and now it's thursday and i don't see no brown discharge it's just blood's not alot but it's blood..oh yeA i know u wonderin why am i posting it in the pregnancy forum is because i looked up brown discharge and it could be a sign of pregnancy and i had sex last wenesday...when i seen the discharge i thought it was my period because it's time for my period to come on...but then when i seen that it was brown i was worried because it doen't get brown until after my period is almost over, i have no abdominal pains no lower back pain or pelvic pains...can u guys help me please! asap! Crying or Very sad
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replied July 26th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
it may be old blood from your period but i dont think your pregnant because brown discharge doesnt come that soon or early in pregnancy

however it could be implantation bleeding but im not too sure
you should definately see a doctor and ask him whats going on
not all pregnant women have abdominal pains or even feel anything
i didnt know i was until 8 weeks!!!!!
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