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I'm So Stressed And I Need Someone to Help Me Get Through It

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my mom is schizophrenic and shes always calling me and saying weird abnormal things like she sees spirits and its really hard on me. when im out with my friends she always calls me ans picks me up early and says she needs me home. and its eally hard to hang out with some of my friends because they dont wanna be here with her. her driving scares me and she alwaysa scremas mean things at me and sometimes hits me.

also i really think getting a boyfriend would help me out allot, buy every guy i like doesn't like me or yells at me or makes fun of me or leads me on then crushes me. for example i like this guy and hes told me so many things that he likes me he doesnt he wants to be just friends and all this stuff but he leads me on my like always hugging me and asking me to do things with him and tell me he loves me and to sit next to him. and i really like him. but its hard because the the last guy i thought i was in love with turned out gay and it crushed me inside.

i also think that everything i do is wrong and that people hate me.
and i think im bi-polar because ill get depressed for no reason then get all happy out of know where and i also think i have an ager problem because i get angry very easily and i just wanna kick and punch things.

thanx for reading. by
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replied July 26th, 2007
Boy howdy you are going through some crappy times girlfriend. Not sure where you are located, but if you have a local mental health dept or even a health dept. that could tell you where you could go to talk to someone. You sound as though you are depressed and you Mother is not helping matters. She sounds like she is contributing to your problems. You really do need to find someone in the professional field, as I stated local helath department could direct you in the right direction. Everything you do is not wrong....and I don't hate you.....You very well could have an anger management problem, but you aren't to blame for htis either. Look at the BS you are having to deal with. Please look into going and talking to a couselor, lots of places are free. This is not somehting you can deal with on your own! Alwasy here if you need me! Hope I've helped you some! 8ys
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replied July 28th, 2007
Need to Overcome Fear And Let Go All Anxiety !!
I would suggest that you commit to God all fear and anxiety besides consulting a Doctor.Other way to escape this would be to visit a relative like cousin sister or brother and be away from your mom for a time.
This will atleast help you in the sense that your situation does not get worse.
Also you seem to have a terrible unknown fear that you are doing wrong which is not the case always. You need a person who can love you and affirm your thinking. You must be having someone in your family who loves you. Try to visit that family member.

Always HOPE for a better future. It WILL COME.......

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