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Water Births/home Births? (Page 5)

August 24th, 2007
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the waterbirth we had went real good, No poop in the tub. No meds were allowed for the old girl, but she did real good despite some pain. One big negative was that I had to pay completely out of pocket, our insurance coverage wound not cover this type of birth. Only had a midwife so any serious complication would have required a trip to the hospital, so their was additional risk involved. I assisted with the delievery and cut the was a great experience, I'd recommend it if you have the ability to take pain without medication. I don't think this type of birth is for high risk type pregnancies.

After the birth of our first birth in water, mama wanted to have subsequent births at a hospital. I think it was just something she wanted to try.
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replied September 3rd, 2007
Marfa2107 wrote:
thank you for the wonderful information Anne..
that actually helped me alot..
i haven't even looked into birth options yet, as i am not preg. yet..

do you know if water births cost more than regular, in the hospital birth?

I'm not sure about the cost of a water birth, but I do know that many health ins. companies will only pay for the traditional hospital birth. If cost is an issue definatly something to consider when weighing your options!

My husbands ?cousin in law? is a midwife and decided to go with a home birth for her baby, which only seemed obvious, but then she ended up getting all sorts of infections from tears that weren't properly cared for or stitched. She ended up being REALLY sick. I personally feel that for the health of my baby there is no reason to risk not having proper medical staff present just in case!

If you do decide to have a home birth you should also think about the distance of your home to the nearest hospital, should something go wrong...

I hope whatever you all decide works well for you!!
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replied January 21st, 2008
hi ladies, a nz here. i am for water births and homebirths if the situation allow.
we have 4 children and not one of those either due to complications,
i am going to be a midwife one day, im homeschooling so about 10 years away unless hubby chooses to take some time off his and become house dad,teacher, referee.
im currently studying to get some qualifications for when my turn comes, extramural. its great makes me still feel theres time for me. at the hospital with one of our babies i found a hot bath was lovely to help with contractions, but it did have to end.
i think water births are beautiful, and yes the cord clamping, it makes me angry as ours were done immediately, circumstance. 300ml
of essential blood can be transfered in those minutes including all the antibodies etc.
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replied January 21st, 2008
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Yeah, I was reading up on water births the other day (nerd, I know) and I discovered lotus births. Basically this is an extension of delayed cord cutting. The umbilical cord is never cut. Instead the newborn and placenta are swaddled next to each other for 3-6 days until the cord naturally falls off. Then the placenta is often buried or treated in some such respectful way.
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