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Please Please Help Me!!! Strong Preg Symptoms, Very Confused

Last regular period June 14-20, 2007
Usual Cycle: 32 days

We had unprotected sex all while on my period and the 21st

Started getting a strange heartburn feeling and stomach pain on June 29th.

On July 1st - 4th I had some spotting (VERY weird for me, never have mid cycle spotting), it was mostly brown and some red. VERY light compared to my periods.

Went in for a blood pregnancy test on 7/16, it was negative.

Doctor said my cycle must have just started over on July 1st, which made me a little concerned because we had a condom break on July 13th (and we took an OPK test that day to ease any potential pregnancy concerns, but suprise, it was positive) .

On July 20th, I started bleeding again. Once again abnormally light, no clots, just a small amount of blood, not even enough to fill up a one panty liner a day. (I usually go through 5-6 SUPER PLUS tampons and several pads a day with my period).

I also started feeling nausea around this time, and it has gotten progressively stronger every day. Even when I've been paranoid about being pregnant in the past, nausea wasn't a symptom...

I've also been feeling fatigued and very on edge, could be stress, but I'm usually a very mild/mellow person, even when stressed. In addition to all of this, I've had this strange stuffy nose feeling, no drainage or anything, just feeling stuffed up (no allergies or anything), and a mild feeling of tingling in my fingertips.

Its now 7/26/07 - the bleeding has stopped, woke up feeling extremely sick to my stomach this morning (as well as yesterday), and for the last two nights I've been waking up several time in the middle of the night, which is very unusual for me.

BUT, when I took a HPT this morning it was negative.

If this bleeding was from my last normal period on 6/14, it was at least 5 days late, and usually a late period is heavier than your normal flow, just because your uterus has had more time to build up a thicker lining.

If I started over on July 1st, this seems right on time with implantation bleeding. However, that would make me 14 DPO and still testing negative on the HPT. (??)

Also, i took my BBT this morning for the heck of it (am not charting now, but used to) and it was pretty low, 97.7. I don't have a full chart to compare it to, but that seems pretty low for pregnancy.

I am SO confused, i feel like I'm going crazy. My cycles are never irregular like this, and the nausea and extremely light bleeding has got me feeling fairly convinced I'm pregnant. Also, a few days ago, I began to just feel that I was. I've been in a situation before where I'm like "oh my gosh oh my gosh i'm so paranoid that i'm pregnant" but this is different, feels like something much more primal and intuitive.

I'm just so confused. This symtoms point to a very strong YES for me, but my test this morning was negative and my one-off BBT temp was kind of low...Any input would be SO very appreciated.

Thank you!! Smile
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replied July 26th, 2007
ok calm down it will be okay.
Alright it is still a bit early to have signs of being pregnant I am not saying that you are not experiencing pregnancy signs just that it a little early most signs do not start until the 8 week or so. You need a blood test wait a week or 2. I f you got pregnant being of July it will likely not show up until the middle of august and if you were pregnant on the June 14 time it will not show up until around the beginning of August end of July. They brown stuff they came out it just old blood do not worry about it. 1 question is you living with other females that you were not before as this can change a cycle and whom you bleed. It is known that most female dorms all the almost all the girls will have their periods around the same time because and just because they are living "together"
PM me
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replied July 26th, 2007

thank you for your response. I'm in my late 20's and live alone, so there's no other females around to influence my cycles (although i have experieced that before, it's so strange how we can affect each other like that!)

I am in a happy, healthy relationship, and altough this would be an unplanned (and thus fairly inconvenient) pregnancy, it would not be an unwelcomed one. So I'm not scared of possibly being pregnant, just baffeled (and frustrated) as to what is going on with my body right now.

thanks again

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replied July 26th, 2007
it is okay my periods are all screwed up now they took out my UID onjuly 2 and am bleeding already I have always been a 35-40 day cycle and never have heavy bleeding but now I do. just relax aas if you are pregnant the baby does not like stress it likes a nice calm body to form in. Good luck sweety
taykare PM me if this get worse and you need to talk
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replied July 26th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
im pretty sure that blood tests are fairly acurate
but you could always go get another one done
hpt arent right all the time so unless you get a positive then you could be preg
however if you are bleeding irregularly then maybe your cycles are messed up?
it happens to women all the time and its normal.

hope this helps
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