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Although i havn't been diagnosed a scitzophrenic, i too have had my shair of mental problems. Only recently did i just come out of one of the deepest depressions i've ever experienced. It was horrifying and during that time i literally lost my normal perception i had over reality i had as a child. I had many illusions (an example would be staring at the airconditing that was turned on and thinking to yourself over and over and over again "it must be alive, it HAS to be alive.) I also could not manage to accept life for what it is. I could never accept that every single human being born into this world lives individually of everyone else's pain and lives for themselves. That everyone views life in their own eyes and once your born you can never view life in someone's eyes. And that just by looking outside or driving in a vehicle passing by all the houses or apartments, each house or (apartment) has its own unique story/destiny behind it. And whilst you staring at a block of flats all you get is that image, the stories and history behind each household is a complete mystery.

I could go on and on about the mutli illusions i had though i'll stop for now.
I would like to know if any of what i just said above makes sense to you, or if you can relate to it in any way.
I will also tell you that i am a very paranoid individual and extremely pessimistic by nature.

Twisted Evil
Farewell for now Smile

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replied July 26th, 2007
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I have problems with the dissociative nature of the external world too, although maybe in slightly different ways. I live in the world of ideas. I can write complex articles and play around with complex ideas, but I have trouble with the external world. I find it hard to find myself "physically" in the world, to feel good body-wise in it. My world of ideas makes sense, but the physical world is full of dissociations and disconnections. Ideas exist for me to play with them, but objects exist for themselves and for other people, not for me.
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