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I started with digestive issues a few months after my daughter was born and am going on year 2.

Started with a "twinge" feeling under my right rib, progressed to 2 months of diarrhea, then alternating diarrhea and constipation, and I have been fairly "normal" the past 9 months, with the exception of painful gas followed my a large bm every morning, which has happened daily for the past 18 mos. or so.

Tests - 2 sigmoidoscopies, endoscopy, blood work for parasites and measuring white blood count and 2 Hida scans. All results were negative except my HIDA scans which showed a slow functioning gallbladder (no stones).

In the past week I have started with a tightness in my right side that starts under my right rib and progresses to my back. It almost feels like my intestines are "full." Stretching helps a bit, but I can tell it is not muscle related. It's worse after I eat a big meal, lasts for days, and I keep burping. Could this be gallbladder, too?
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