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Menopause or Mental condition ?

I need some help. I don't know what to do. I love my wife, but I am ready to throw her off a cliff.

She is 45 and most of the time a nice wife and good friend. I love her a lot and she tells me she loves me with all her heart.

Saturday she lost her cell phone (by giving it to her 12 y/o daughter) and, because I have asked her not to do that, I was !**@! at her. These things are not cheap. Anyhow, in the course of doing so I mentioned that it was obvious from the bill (I handle all of our bills) that she did it all the time, that I did not get her the phone so the kids could make it their branch office, and that is what got it lost in the first place.

She exploded and we off on a tangent that I was spying on her private documents and that this was a huge invasion of privacy. In the ensuing three days she has called me every name in the book, suggested that I have betrayed her and, last night, when I mentioned wills we were planning about drafting (and insurance) she suggested I was planning to have her killed.

Needless to say it is irrational and very hurtful. I have always reconciled all of our bills. She knows this and is happy to have me do it.

To make matters short, this is so uncharecteristic of her. I'm wondering if its PMS, Perimenopause, a reaction to medication (she gets migraines), the fact that the smokes pot constantly, or some combination of the above.

I don't know what to do. I love her, but I won't put up with this. I find it hard to believe she could love me and do this, so I am convinced it must be hormonal.

Do any laidies here have any experience with this? Do you get flashes of irrational rage?

What should I do? I love her, but this can't go on.
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replied November 19th, 2011
Mental illness and menopause
Did you every get a reply on this? I have a friend who has paranoia, similar to this, and I believe it may have been brought on by menopause. She has been suffering without any diagnosis for a couple of years now and is completely debilitated. Did you find any resources to help?
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