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Pink Discharge / Blood / Spotting One Week Late Period

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Hello All,

I have a little issue and maybe someone can help. My period is One week late and today (7/24/07) I got my period but it's not normal all it is is Pink Discharge/Blood/Spotting....and I told my BF and he said maybe its the Pills that I am taking but...the way he said it like I couldn't be pregnant ike it doesn't believe that could be it.....But I don't know I think he does want to have a baby with me....

Get back to me please!!!!!!!!! ASAP

Thank You Confused
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replied July 27th, 2007
Experienced User
When I was on the pill it messed my periods up pretty bad. Maybe its just the starting of your period, or maybe you are pregnant and are having implantation bleeding. I never had any bleeding during my pregnancies but all women are different and some bleed through their whole pregnancy.Maybe you should take a home pregnancy test, or go to your doctor and get a blood test done.That would be the only way to truly tell. Good luck! Very Happy
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replied April 20th, 2011
I saw my period on the 12 of march and my due date is the 12 of april and i have not yet seeing my period i take pregnant test and it was nigetive is it possible it was too early taking the test and i saw dark red spot and when i wipe i saw nothing but white disgarge .
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