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Atherosclerotic Calcification of the Aorta

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With a diagnosis of extensive atherosclerotic calcification of the aorta with mild neurysmal dialtion to 3.2 cm diameter suggested, should the patient be seen by a cardiologist? Or is this something that a family doctor can handle? Is coumadin appropriate treatment?

My father is very ill with problems to his spine. His family doctor has not treated him or referred him to a specialist. I finally got him to an orthopedic specialist who was shocked at the condition of his back. It is horrible. I knew that he had x-rays of his back a year ago and I recently obtained the x-rays and radiology report. Among the orthopedic conditions the above mentioned condition was listed as well. He was informed at that time that he only had arthritis.

Several months ago his legs began to swell a bit and his doctor put him on coumadin and diuretics.

His spine condition in a year has deteriorated so much that it appears that there is a break.

I am concerned about his heart, the coumadin, with no evaluation by a cardiologist.

Any information is appreciated.


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replied February 25th, 2009
calcification of the aorta
i just had a cat scan with contrast for lymphdema i am a cancer survivor took chrom-platin and taxol and a year of herceptin. I am on femara and 50 mg atenelol. 65mg synthroid citical d and b12. I showed calcification of the aorta. what is the next step
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