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I catch cold and have temperature permanently


I have serious problem for one. I catch cold and have temperature

It is necessary for me to drink aspirin to be able to sleep

When going out with slipper outside after several minutes my temperature rises and I ankylose

Work It did not yea beat this factor for 4 months of great drift to eliminate my immune defense for this as well To catch cold permanently

Some Can it help to me. tell me some good - looking sleeping capsule For immune protect

Thanks so much
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replied July 25th, 2007
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Hi Mirogada

I'm sorry that you have this problem, have you seen your doctor about it, sleeping is a good thing to do, all of us have to do it, cos it's when our body naturally recouperates.

Asprin lowers the temperature, and eases pain and inflamation, but it won't help you sleep.

I'll copy your post in sleep disorders, so you get maximum support from others that are experiencing the same as you, and our on-line team of experts.
Hope you get the sleep and rest your body needs to get better...

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