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Trouble getting pregnant after two c-sections

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I have so many questions and such a long time (feels like anyhow) until I can see my Dr. My mind runs with so many worries. I will start by saying I have had two children via C-section (5 year old, 3 year old). No other m/c. My husband and I have been casually trying for a little over a year to get pregnant. I was having pains close to my appendix area while visiting my mom in April 07. The local clinic sent me to the ER for tests.

Vaginal Sonogram was done along with MRI. No Appendix problems. But tests showed moderately enlarged uterus. And an aparent cyst on an ovary that had probably burst, and several small cystic areas near endometrium suspicous for adenomyosis. No free fluid in pelvis and no adnexal masses demonstrated.

Now I went to my OBGYN for follow up on this and normal exam. I was given Flagyl for BV. And during exam the Dr. said he felt what were possible Fibroids in uterus. I figure there is something in there because I seem to be having bloating in uterus area for a few weeks now. The dr. scheduled me a sonogram apt but I never went. A few weeks passed and I didn't take the medication for the BV. Then noticed the fishy smell so I took all of the Flagyl.

I also was watching for my ovulation by taking tests on the 8th-12th day of my cycle. My cycle is around 26 days in length. And I was able to get an LH surge on 10th/11th day of cycle. My husband and I had entercourse twice after I found the LH surge. Then immediately took the Flagyl (June 8th and for the full 7 days). I tested surprisingly positive for pregnant on July 18th.

I have tested many days since then and remain strong positive. So my first day of LMP was June 25th. Now I worry that I may have a m/c or ectopic pregnancy. I think the BV was probably untreated for some time because I remember at least 6 months back of noticing that additional discharge, but never did anything about it. Also the fact that it has taken so long for me to get pregnant. Wondering if PID could have happened because it has been left untreated for a bit. Then again if I had PID would my exam been able to show that?

Additionally I worry about the effects of Flagyl that I took right at conception time and shortly thereafter. I worry about ectopic pregnancy as well. Although I have no history of it, just wondering if previous scar tissue from C-section and possible adenomyosis could cause ectopic.

My first sonogram will be Thursday the 26th. I will be right at about 5wks pregnant, but only 3 wks gestation. I have sore/enlarged breasts but no other signs of early pregnancy.

Do you think that we will be able to rule out ectopic based on early sonogram this Thursday? And are my chances of m/c higher due to other issues?

Thank you so very much for any information and possible peace of mind.
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