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Bad sleeping habits , weight gain , constipation

hello, i need some help regarding a few problems that i am facing, please help soon, i am a 20 yr old female 51kg and 5feet 1inch

1- my first problem is that i sleep alot, i have these weird bouts of sleepiness, its not that i cant control my sleeping habits but most of the time when i feel sleepy (although i had a good nights sleep) i just sort of give in and prefer sleeping.
i sleep during lectures, i sleep while commuting on bus or while in a car too(not driving) ... i find it difficult to wake up early (even if i have something important to do) i feel tired and drowsy even after i wake up and freshen up my self.

2- during last year n a half, i have gained considerable amount of weight, i was 44kg and now i am 51. considering i am not really a couch potato! .. i guess i have gained weight after i started my university as now i dont involve in much sports, yet i do have to walk alot. but before university when i was still in college and even in my school i was very actively involved in sports
also i find that most prominent weight gain is around my tummy!

3- i am constipated quite alot of times which is very uncomfortable.. i must mention here that i dont consume a lot of proteins, that is i dont strictly avoid meat but would consider myself a part-vegetarian.... i eat chicken, fish, egg, minced meat and meat balls, but other then this i dont each much of beaf/mutton but i do eat pulses. also i dont really feel very hungry most of the times even at meal times, and i can easyily miss meals! yet i take some junk food

please help me as i am sick of my sleeping habits and really do want to lose weight

ms. hasan
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replied July 23rd, 2007
My advice would be to get more cardiovascular exercise (walking at a fast pace, running, jogging, swimming, bicycling). Anything to get your heart rate up. You wouldn't think so, but you do actually have more energy if you exercise on a regular basis. It can also help with your constipation and, of course, your weight. A multi-vitamin may also be helpful. If your problems continue, you may want to see your doctor to rule out any medical issues. Good luck!
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