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Surgery For Benign Brain Tumor

Hi Everyone
Long story short I was diagnosed with lung cancer and some metastasis in my brain. There is one in my occipital lobe quite big and the doctors are removing it next Wednesday, as the swelling etc may cause seisures or worse if it isn't removed. Fine, good, get it out of there....but....
Has anyone else had this surgery to remove a benign brain tumor? Physical surgery that is... cutting, removing a peice of skull and cutting the tumor out?? Oh don't I wish they could use the gamma knife procedure!
Just wondering how bad it is afterwards and what to expect, should I get through the surgery ok?
The meds they have me on to prevent seizures, and the steroids for the swelling are making me feel awful, physically & mentally, so hoping these aren't something I'll need forever, but I'll do what I must. Just wondering about having something removed from my head...kind of scary stuff you know?
Thank You
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replied July 30th, 2007
Helpful Advice
My Sister had a brain tumor that was malignant (but not on her occipal region) and one in her neck. In her case she was told to go home and die as the surgury had a 99% chance to leave her in a vegetive state.

She was given 6 months, and even the doctor admitted that chemo and radiotherapy were not going to help her.

She is a naturopath, im a nutritionist and a natural therapist. So she decided to use natural therapies to destroy both of her tumors.

It took 8 months but she went from having frequent seizures, blackouts and fainting to being totally healed. Within a month or two her headaches stopped, then the seizers, then she went and got scanned and she had NO (not one bit) of a tumor left in her neck or brain.

We Did:
fever baths (increases the white blood cell count so it fights the tumor)
castor oil poultices over her tumor (dissolves and shrinks it)
juiced fresh green huices everyday including green barley/cabbage etc
used selenium drops, mineral and vitamins
cut out ALL sugar (including fruit) as it feeds tumors
had her on a candida type diet (nuts/grains/vitamins/vegetables/plant protein)
Drank lots of water everyday
exercised every second day
Eliminated stress from her lifestyle
stopped using mobile phone (this, and stress was the cause)
and prayed alot

Anyway, since this she has been cancer free for 3 years and the doctors can't believe it. We are nearly finished a book that we are writing on how to kill cancer naturally. This protocol we have given to many other people and 5 of them that have followed it strickly have all been healed.

We look at eliminating the CAUSE, increasing the IMMUNE SYSTEM and detoxing and treating the tumor

If you would like any advice
let me know
Good luck with which ever you you decide to go:)
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replied January 16th, 2008
I've been butchered..
I've gone through 3 tumor debulking surgeries since '03.
It's not much fun. The time between 'count backwards from 100..' to waking up feels like 30 seconds, even if it's been 8 hours. And then it hurts. The part that hurts is where your skull is sawed open (pain like a broken bone) - but no worries, they have good drugs against that. For me the worst parts were
a) being so thirsty after waking but vomiting everything back out - but this passes in several hours
b) feeling like somebody just waxed my meninges (the skin between skull and brain) - it burns for a few hours. If you've ever had a body part waxed, you know what I mean.
c) short term memory out of whack (I kept forgetting which room/station I was on, and wandered around without a clue but the nurses are prepared for that)
d) accepting that it will take a while for things to get back to normal
e) sleeping problems...insomnia can sometimes be a problem after brain surgery.

I've not had an awake op, so I can't give you any eperiences on that.
Good luck man, keep in touch her and let us all know how it went, k?
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