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Leg Pain After Liposuction

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I had fat transfer to my face 8 days ago. The doctor is a facial specialist, p.s. who only does facial work. He harvested fat from my thighs. ONE of my legs has lingering pain. Mostly when I wake up, or have been lying down. It's a shooting pain, like strings of stinging in my leg starting at the extraction site and shooting down toward just above my knee. It's not SEVERE, but is significant.

Is this typical?? Will it likely go away?

Please tell and thanks in advance!!!
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replied July 31st, 2007
Three weeks (appr.) later and the strange pain is mostly gone. Seems like it must have been a transient by-product. Came back to answer my own question in the hope that it MAY help someone else.

Just a small "vent"--it'd be great if posters here answer more often--it's a p.s. forum! Certainly someone has a clue about more of these queries...?! So many questions and no one knows??
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