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Ultrasound Result

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I am 41 y.o., single, never been married. I had a whole abdomen utz last week coz of presistent heartburn since jan. 2006. Been taking meds for several months but to no avail(proton pump inhibitor, anti-ulcer). Taken med to inhibit acid production & had an antibiotic for 1 week when diagnosed of gastritis & esophagitis last feb 2006, aftern an endoscopy. But the symptoms came back after the regimen.
anyways, Impression of the ultrasound last week are the ffg:
1. acute cholecytitis w/ multiple, fine, non-shadowing echogenic foci in the inner wall
2. Thickened endometrium 1.49 cm
3. Minimal fluid in the posterior cul de sac. Minimal fluid in the hepatorenal space
My questions are:
1.what are non-shadowing echogenic foci and can this be the cause of my stomach discomfort? How can this be treated(symptoms) or foci be removed?
2. what are the implications of a thickened endometrium? and is it normal to thicken if 1 week or 2 weeks prior to menstruation?
3. What are the Implications of presence of minimal fluid in the cul de sac? and how can this be treated? or the necessary intervention?
4. Could it be that my long term use of certain meds for hyperacidity could have paused danger to my kidneys? or maybe why my gallbladder has inflamed?

Please enlighten me. I am so so worried Sad I'm afraid i might have serious health prob because of my stomach discomforts since Jan 2007. Coz now aside from regular heartburn, i experience mild, mild only epigastric pain, also in upper right abd & sometimes now in the right upper abd.
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