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Rash Above Penis After Sex

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Lately, after vigorous sex with my girlfriend, I wake up in the morning with an itchy rash with a few red bumps (nothing that ever breaks the skin or oozes etc.) above my penis. Nothing on my penis or scrotum area, just the area right above the base of my penis then narrowing as it goes upward. It goes away after a day or two and only appears again after sex. It is worse when she is on top during sex. We always use a condom - Lifestyle lubricated. But it seems if I had some kind of reaction to the condom or lubricant, that it would appear on my penis as well. Nothing there at all.
Could this be caused just by friction and stubble in her pubic hair region? She has very course hair and when she has not trimmed lately, it is very noticeable? When we get together we usually have sex several times that night and again early in the morning so that area gets quite a workout. usually just wipe off with a towel and go back to sleep as well. Should I get up and shower every time after sex? Never had this problem before.
Any ideas?? Anyone else ever have this?
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First Helper sharks44

replied July 5th, 2009
Yes, i just recently had the same thing. Only i did not use a condom. Its just like a sore rash on the base and where there is hair. And we went at it for few hours and i remember it being pretty rough. Ive never had this before but it arose the morning and day after sex. Im almost positive that it is just a combination of friction and rough sex. Id like to hear from anyone else who has this too though.
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replied July 21st, 2009
I had exactly the same thing. Little pin point red dots that get itchy and mine sort of covered the head and hurt. I went to the doctor and he said it was thrush because it can thrive in warm, moist areas e.g. vagina. There are plenty of creams avalible (The best one being Cansten i believe) that can clear up the problem. Hope that helps.
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