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Weight And Breast Size

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Hi, all:

Is there any correlation between weight and breast size? Specifically, how much weight does a woman have to lose before she loses a size? I am dying to go down at least one size (to a 34) and have been going to a gym for about three weeks now. So far I've lost six pounds in two weeks Surprised --I guess the weight loss is so gradual it's hard to notice it That puts me at 144 (and maybe less now, one can always hope!). When I was in high school and college I was at 110 (I'm 5'7)--yes, I know I have an unrealistic body image--and was a 34.

My personal trainer (how presumptuous--sp?) suggested that I try on a dress I can't quite fit into once every couple of weeks to get more of an idea about the weight loss. The problem is that, althogh I can get the zipper up to my waist, it's a fight getting it up past the mid-rib or so. When I bought the dresses they fit just fine.

And No, I don't have a scale at home--looking in the mirror is humiliating enough (except when I'm not wearing my glasses Wink .

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replied July 19th, 2007
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Re: Weight And Breast Size
Well, the best thing for you to do it go out and buy yourself a scale that weighs FAT as well as weight.. ALOT of weight is water weight sometimes going pee a couple of times can mean as much as losing a pound. I have a personal trainer. I don't really have to lose any weight, but I have to get my fat percent down.. My weight is ideal, but I still feel fat, because my fat percent is 33% when it should be like HALF. SINCE my fat percent was 36% my weight has gone down a little bit but it's just because I have been losing alot of water and also gaining alot of muscle.. My trainer figured out that I have actually lost alot more than I thought facturing in the fat percent. ALSO I have lost about 3 inches off of my waist. It's not easy to lose fat but it is easier to lose water when you're just loing water you would look like a skinny fat person.. WHICH is notgood.. ANyway give it a try
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