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Grounded For Bad Grades? (Page 2)

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July 22nd, 2007
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me and my brother were never punished for brother never had bad grades and I was ace student until my senior year..I only saw bad grades in college but my parents didn't do anything except to tell me that of course my grades were not good because i'm not studying enough. In the end they said i better pass otherwise they were not going to pay more room and boarding hehehe oh good memories..

so i don't know if punishing for grades works..i guess I would try to find what the root cause of the problem is and go from there..
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replied November 9th, 2008
Coming from a current teenager's views. You just have to stress the importance of grades. I was never grounded or scolded for grades. EVER. Now I'm graduating from highschool with a 3.8 this year. So, I guess it wasn't really necessary. We were never yelled at for grades. Other siblings: Oldest sister graduated from highschool with a 3.992 a year early and graduated from undergraduate school with a 3.9 magna cum laude, older brother went to University of Washington four years early, and graduated with a high GPA, my other older sister graduated from highschool with a 3.65 (she kind of got smashed by Calculus because she was out with a burst appendix for half of the class), and now she's in college and doing well. My other siblings are younger than me and are similar with grades.

They just helped us to understand why we need good grades, and of course, there was always the good old, "I've got to be as good as x sibling."
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replied December 1st, 2008
NO way ! I don't think they should be grounded at all depending on the root of the grade drop...
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replied January 15th, 2009
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one should tell their child that bad grades will eventually lead to bad jobs and crappy pay so they'll put more effort into it if they were being lazy in the first place.
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replied December 20th, 2011
No child should be punished for bad grades especially if they are putting in loads of effort and trying best.

Seriously some parents are just plain mean these days. If they were punished for putting heaps of effort in and they were punished i don't think they would be very happy either would they.

Also punishing child for bad grades does not automatically make the grades go up in fact and makes them go down because it makes the child more stressed out and want to rebel.

Seriously if a parent wants to see improvements in a child's grade(s) they need to hire them a tutor.
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replied June 16th, 2012
I don't agree with grounding. If grades are dropping there is a reason and that needs to be addressed and handled. Is it because they didn't understand the material? Also look at the specifics. Are they doing bad on tests but ok with homework? Maybe they have test anxiety.
For high schoolers, did the grade start dropping around a difficult personal time for them? I looked at the specifics of my daughters grades and noticed she started slipping when her and her boyfriend broke up.
The technology we have is great. It really helps to be able to login to the Internet on a regular basis and look at how your child is performing in school. I suggest having open and loving conversations with the child and stay in top of it. If they need extra help, the school has programs to help with studying.
Many times there are natural concequenes for the child such as summer school or not being allowed to participate in their sport or club. If this happens, then grounding is completely unnessarry.
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