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Nervous ..... Cancer Or Just Hemmoroids

I just found this message board. I am 39 (40 in a few months). for quite a while, I have had painful constipation. I am overweight and am trying to lose and eat better. last week on two different occasions, after a BM There was blood in the toilet(like a period) and on the toilet paper from my rectum. Of course I freaked. I also have been very much lacking energy. I saw my doctor today who did a rectal exam and saw a little blood but she also thought she might have felt a hemmoroid. I have to do stool samples and return it. she also sent me for bloodwork , one to check for anemia. but she said if my stools show any blood she will refer me to a gastro for a colonoscopy. I have anxiety and i am all stressed out. just looking for some feedback. also could stress do this as well. thats my other concern i have a 11 yr old son with severe autism and want to be ok for him. I'm such a wreck. she also said blood in the stool could be from other things, including ulcers. thank you to any who respond. Eileen
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replied August 26th, 2007
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I hope you are well and all the results came back okay. What has helped me with constipation is a colon cleanse from drnatura called colonix. This cleanse along with a diet change helped give me back my health. I even lost 10 lbs of build up in the colon which boosted my energy and my enthusiasim. I know you will find the answers you are seeking. I also know you are on the right track in getting your health back. Keep us posted.
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