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Sports Hernia Or Athletic Pubalgia

Well, I ended up going to the ER on Monday because my pelvic area and lower abs swelled up to about 4 times their normal size (im female)... its like i suddenly had a pooch...but not a distinctive bulge. I had done a i really crazy ab workout the week before and had been sore... finally the doctor told me he believed i had a sports hernia.

He told me to just rest and try not to use my lower abs at all (this is hard). Im a very active person and this is killing me to just sit on my butt all day.

Any advice on what i can do and what i should expect? Ive been doing some research on the internet and it all looks very depressing. I'd like to be able to come back from this. I have had enough surgeries due to sports injuries to last me a life time. Should i go to another doctor and check things out? (Im in iowa... and the normal places id go for a reference are not open to me because im originally from so cal and just in iowa for school).

What exercises can i do that wont stress my abs? Ride my bike? And idont want to become super weak from sitting on my butt all day.

Thanks everyone.
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replied February 24th, 2010
I would look into talking to a specialist who concentrates in sports injuries... That would probably be your best bet. This could also be related to a liver or gall bladder issue as well so you might want to get a full blood panel done as well to best determine what is going on... Ive got some more information on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatments of "sports hernia", which technically isnt a hernia at all... though it refers hernia-like there is no evidence of a hernia you may have an inguinal hernia... which again..youd want to talk to a specialist about. usually the best thing is to go for laporoscopic surgery if that s the case.. most conservative approaches to therapy just dont do it...

There are really no exercises you should be doing right now as it could aggravate the injury. there is a lot of anatomy in the abodmen and since its the core of your body, nearly every movement has an effect on your core... so just be careful.. use ice too... ice is your friend Smile

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