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Broken Penis? And Etc...

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About four years ago I was having sex with my girlfriend and while re-inserting I missed, causing my entire penis to go 90 degrees at the base. Ever since then I have been able to fold it over to that side when it is erect, while I cant fold it to the other side without feeling strong resistance (cartilage?). Anyway, since then I have noticed an almost unnoticeable but apparent curvature towards the side that it "broke" pointing towards, and it seems as though it has been more difficult since then to maintain an erection. I have read about broken penises, but not this low on the base. (that is, it seems to be right where it meets with the testicles and the prostate).

A few things: firstly, the experience of breaking the penis is a bit hazy, and I can only speculate as to whether i heard a popping sound or anything else, but i do recall my girlfriend saying, "oh god! Im so sorry!! are you ok?!" and we stopped for a few seconds.

There have been times when i have become totally frustrated and unable to maintain an erection while masturbating even with it in my hand, while at other times there doesnt seem to be any problem at all, and there have been many occasions that i wake up with an erection, but not EVERY day, is this all bad?

Also wondering...when i masturbate i usually lightly grip the skin, sliding it up and down on the flesh underneath, rather than any lubricant, and I was wondering if this was unhealthy?

thanks for your help
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First Helper aw4373

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replied July 18th, 2007
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The penis can be injured. It often happens in the exact way that you described. You should show it to your doctor.

It's ok to not wake up with an erection every single day.

It's normal to have trouble getting or maintaining an erection sometimes, especially if you are nervous, worried, uncomfortable, drunk, etc.

It's also ok to not use a lubricant during masturbation. Some men do, others don't.
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replied August 1st, 2007
An Update From Milkman34?
i was wondering if your issue was ever resolved...
did the curve ever disappear? and do you have pain at the base of your penis? about 6 months ago the exact same thing happened to my husband and i. the only difference is that his manhood hurts during intercourse at the bent base of his penis. we went to the doctor finally today and he said that what happened is actually common. on the downside he said it COULD get worse. or it could get better all on it's own. only time will tell. my husband, however, does not have a hard time maintaining erections. this condition just makes him feel inadequate though, and i completely understand why. the only thing the doctor said to do was take Vitamin E. he has a follow-up appt in thre months... i hope it will get better for his sake...
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replied July 16th, 2009
i have experienced this similar situation but during masturbation.and ihave not have had sex i want to know whether u r able to sex or not. plz tell me
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