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If I order diet pills online, are they gonna deliver the pills overnight or what?
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replied July 18th, 2007
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You should be really careful of any of those prescription pills you order online. I did it twice...It took about 3 days to get to me...aside from that they started to work well. but I was wide awake and ended up breaking even at a certain weight for a while. I continued to take them because I was addicted and it was very hard to get off of them. When I did get off of them I had a very bad fall and was always is very risky, you don't know what they put in them really, I would consult a doctor and have him prescribe you them, plus you know what they are and they are cheaper that way. I had my doctor just prescribe me some and it cost me $30 for a months worth...better than $150 and I feel more comfortable knowing that they were not tampered with and that they are the real thing.
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