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Foods That Are Allowed On a Gout Diet

Hi. I wanna know what foods are allowed on a gout diet . What can and what can't eat. What kind of food is forbidden ? Thanks.
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replied October 23rd, 2007
One to Avoid - Marmite - One to Add - Water
I spent 2 years systematically removing things from my diet. When I removed tea, coffee and Marmite I was gout free for almost two years. I had one Marmite sandwich and bang, it was back. Returned to the regime again and all was well but once again I had a craving for a Marmite 'butty' and once again an attack happened within 24 hours. Checking the ingredients it seems that the yeast extract is the culprit (avoid yeasts!).

It seems almost too simple to mention but water flushes the gout causing elements out of your system so remember to keep a good/high intake of water daily (or more specifically, do not let your intake drop too low as this will help concentrate the bad stuff and may lead to an attack)

Hope this helps some people
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