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Hi. Can you recommend me some gout diet plan, please !
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replied November 30th, 2009
gout diet plan
im going to a nutritionist today. ill get back to you
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replied April 18th, 2012
hey i just been dionosed with gout im 27 year old male can someone please let me know about a good gout diet plan please
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replied April 30th, 2012
Gout diet
Hi jroberson,
Sorry to hear you are diagonised with Gout.
U can contol it if its in the begining stage - its worst if it goes to the final stage even resulting in loss of limb power,

Diet depends upon each individual. Need to know your wt and body reaction details to finalise the gout die. its different for each person.

common good is cherry - it helps in decreasing gout.

normal food is wheat items

Watch out even for veg foods - u cant eat all veg items - keep away from tomato, spinach, daal, etc

dont items are - meat, fish[if gout is there - once its over u can eat it but keep away from sea fish] sea products are not good.

excersise is must.

in short if u ve gout dont eat anything other than veg salad and wheat. after that u can eat food like normal except sea foods, meat[all type] & alchol.

Drink plenty of water to disolve the crystals. [ but dont drink too much - that also is bad for ur kidney].

Get well soon.
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