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I recently had a Mirena IUD removed, because I was having some minor side effects & I didn't need it anymore for birth control. I went in for my yearly Pap, I asked the nurse-midwife to remove it. She attempted but said she couldn't grasp the strings to pull it out. She said she would have to order a special instrument to remove it & that she would let me know when it came in. She also said that when she first started inserting the Mirena that she was cutting the strings too short & that I must've been one of those patients.

Sometime after that visit, I started to feel this weird twitching/spasms in my lower abdomen like I was pregnant & the baby was kicking. I started looking online for answers but found very little. A couple people told me they had the same problem with their IUD.

Meanwhile, I learned that I had an abnormal Pap & would have to come back to the office for a colposcopy. I ended up coming in about a month after my Pap & seeing a different person (only an OB can do a colpo). I asked him to remove the IUD & he said no problem. I told him that the midwife couldn't grasp the strings & he called for a nurse to bring him some kind of instrument to remove it. He also turned to his student doctor & told her that anytime she couldn't find the strings of an IUD to use this instrument. So obviously they had something in the office at the time of my initial visit that the midwife could've used to remove it.

Anyway, he tried & tried but even with the instrument he couldn't remove the IUD. I told him about the uterine spasms I'd been having & he confirmed that it was because the IUD was displaced. He said I would have to have it removed surgically. A few weeks later, I went into the OR, he put me to sleep, & removed the IUD. In the process, he cut my cervix while removing but didn't realize it so I had to go BACK into the OR & get a stitch.

My issue is that I should never have had to go to the OR in the first place. The midwife could feel the strings & either was unaware that there was an instrument in the office that she could to remove the IUD--or she didn't want to bother. And she also admitted she cut the strings too short. I have a $2500 deductible as it is, and of course my insurance is fighting having to pay any of it (total bills from dr, anesthesiologist, hospital, etc. are almost $10K).

I have an appointment with the OB who performed the surgery to talk to him about this, but I'm very uncomfortable. I've been going to this office for a long time with no problems & really don't want to stop going or get lower quality care because I complained.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Do my complaints seem valid? Anyone have an experience where they questioned their obligation to pay a doctor & it worked out? Any advice you can give would be appreciated.
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