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Vaginal Tightness

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I am recently seperated from my husband and have a new partner. Everytime he and I have sex he always asks how my vagina manages to always be tight especially after having 4 children. I have always done kegal exercises, but I wanted to know if it is normal for to be tight even during sex? It was strange to me, because my husband would always tell me that if I ever cheated on him he would know if the person was bigger then him, because it would not be the same. Is there any truth to that?
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replied July 14th, 2007
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Having a baby can stretch out the vagina, but sex will not. So your husband was either pulling your leg or was misinformed about female anatomy.

Many things can affect how tight the vagina feels. Just being in the mood versus not being in the mood makes a huge difference for most women. So if you feel tight to your new partner, it's nothing to worry about unless you are so tight that penetration is difficult or impossible.
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