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I have had abdominal/pelvic pain on the left side where my ovary is located for about 3 and 1/2 months now and the doctors have done numerous ultrasounds, urine tests to check for infections, swabs, a CT-scan and just about everything you can think of to diagnose me with something causing my abdominal/pelvic pain. It started in early April 2007 when I was diagnosed with a 4.6cm hemorrhagic cyst that was bleeding into itself which ended up rupturing in the first week of June 2007. I thought the pain was from the cyst and so did my doctor and we thought that the pain would go away but it stayed. My doc recently had another CT-scan and ultrasound done which came back normal and has referred me to a physio therapist as he thought I may have strained a muscle in my back (I have had lower back pain - only left side since early April too).

The physio said that I did strain a muscle in the back and have given me light exercises to do. I couldn't do some of the exercises as I had too much pain on my left side (ovary area). I went to the physio again last Tuesday and told him that it was too painful to do some of these exercises and he felt around the area on my left side where I have the pain and after I nearly jumped through the roof from pain as he pushed and rubbed, he says that it looks like I have strained my groin muscle. I would be happy if this was my diagnoses, except my normal doctor is going to refer me to a gyno and I'm seeing the gyno in early August because my doctor thinks I might have endometriosis. (I have also had really painful periods and pain with intercourse and bleeding between periods and very irregular periods and that while on the pill). My doctor and another doctor at the practice that I go to agree with each other that I have a lot of the symptoms that’s pointing towards endometriosis.

I had a brown discharge on Wednesday (11 Jul) and went to see my doctor on Thursday (12 Jul) and he did a pelvic examination and swabs as he thinks I might have an infection. I have to see my doctor again on Monday (16 Jul) to find out the results. I had another follow up appointment with the physio yesterday (13 Jul) and am in more pain today than I were earlier in the week, he pushed down on my "grown muscle" I supposedly strained and I cried that much it hurt. I will be telling my doctor about it on Monday (16 Jul). My question now is. Could this groin muscle pain be confused with the endometriosis or the other way around? And does a person have symptoms like painful intercourse, painful periods, irregular periods when it's only a strained groin muscle? Would, if these symptoms you get with endometriosis also be felt with a strained groin muscle?
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replied November 16th, 2009
the brown discharge sounds like it could be endometriosis, and the bleeding between intercourse, i have heard about irregular periods from others. but the latter symptons i have suffered myself, have recently had swelling in the groin area and lymph nodes, because of internal inflammation in the ovaries. have had cysts removed and diathermy which is burning of endo, but my bowels have been damaged and will see consultant next to see what to do. i was taking diclofenac tablets which helped. any use i dont know but i really felt for you. it myst be awful not knowing.
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