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High Risk Pregnancy

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My husband and I have 2 children. 2 boys. We were thinking about trying to have that girl i've been wanting, but my previous 2 pregnancies were very high risk. I had a severe case of preeclamsia with the first, and a life threatning case of placenta previa with my 2 nd. I delivered both at 35 weeks. My doctor told me I could never have a normal size baby. My body wouldnt let them grow past a certain stage. Should I try for a 3rd? Or am I putting myself at too much of a risk??? What are my chances for having a normal pregnancy versus a complicated one????
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replied September 3rd, 2003
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In my very honest opinion, dont do it! It is a very high risk to you and your baby, but more to you. My sister had the same thing and it was very scary. Even the doctor was worried about delivering. Now the doctor says she cannot have a baby or she wont make it again. You are lucky to have two. Alma (my sister) is getting her tubes tied, in a few years and is going to adopt. You should not risk your life for you and your baby, plus the family you already have. Its not worth it. The chances are very high that it will happen again but it gets worse and your baby will be born earlier and your symptoms will worsen. Please think about it.
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