My sister is 41, she was admitted to the hospital 3 weeks ago because of rapid heartbeats. They kept her overnight for evaluation. They ran 3 blood tests througout the night to check her Cardiac Enzymes and 3 EKG's. The next morning they did one more blood test and EKG, all test results were negative. They then set her up for a Echo Stress Cardiogram. She completed that 2 weeks ago. Everything was normal.

Just yesterday my sister had a heart attack, my question is if her total cholestrol was 180, (the bad was 100). Blood Pressure (Which is 120/77) the sugar was 85. All blood work was great as was the stress echo cardigram how could she have had a heart attack? My sister is about 30lbs. overweight, I don't think that the weight would play a role in her having a heart attack, afterall, there are plenty of obese people out there who probably don't even know what their averall health status is.
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