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Questions I Should Ask At 2nd Ultrasound?

I am 45 and have had many abdominal bloating, pain, constipation, etc for over a year and it is getting worse each month.

5/17/07: CT w/contrast found left ovarian cyst 4.5cm x 3.2cm. (this was on day 7 of my cycle).

5/31/07: Ultrasound found echogenic lesion (solid mass) 4.1 x 3.2 x 2.7cm on in left ovary.

6/29/07: CA-125 is 388U/ml

I am scheduled for a 2nd ultrasound on July 13 (also day 7 of current cycle).

What does the 2nd Ultrasound determine and what can be concluded after this test?

OB/GYN says if it is still there we can discuss removing ovary and other options.

What questions should I ask or other imaging or procedures should I request?

Can the 2nd ultrasound confirm or rule-out OvCa?

What do I do next?
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replied July 11th, 2007
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Your obstetrician is watching the mass, probably to see if it changes in size as your cycle progresses or something. The 2nd ultrasound might give them more clues as to whether or not it is malignant, but I don't think they will know for sure until it is taken out and they do pathology.

The sonographer may not be able to tell you very much. At my 2nd ultrasound, they weren't allowed to tell me anything. I didn't find anything out until I had a follow up with my doctor. Once you talk to your doctor, then you'll probably have any questions you have answered.
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