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1. I have just been diagnosed...I am going to die.
This is the biggest myth of all. In fact people are living with HIV longer today than ever before. Meds, treatment programs, and a better understanding of HIV allows those infected to live normal, healthy, productive lives.

2. Why don't we have a vaccine? It should be easy!
While progress is being made, vaccine development is not without its challenges and difficulties. Many experts feel we are still many many years from an affective HIV vaccine.

3. HIV can be cured.
While many make claims of miraculous cures, the sad truth is there is no cure for HIV. Be careful of claims or cures and miracles. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
Beware of AIDS fraud.

4. My family doctor can treat my HIV.
The fact is, experts believe that given the complexities of HIV care, only HIV specialists should manage your care. Be sure to choose a doctor who cares for HIV patients regularly.

5. We don't need a condom for oral sex.
Again, untrue and a very dangerous myth. Condoms must be used each and every sexual encounter; vaginal, anal and oral.

6. I have HIV...I can't have children.
This used to be true but not anymore. Women living with HIV can and do have families. While certain steps and precautions have to be taken, women can now have the families they always dreamed about.
Women with HIV can start a family.

7. People over 50 don't get HIV.
Don't bet on it. In fact, people over 50 make up a rapidly growing segment of the HIV population.

8. We both have HIV...we don't need a condom.
Not true. Experts are seeing more an more incidences of re-infection, making HIV treatment even more difficult.

9. HIV only affects gay men and drug users
In fact, HIV can infect anyone. Babies, women, seniors over 50, teens, blacks, whites and Hispanics. At risk behavior can lead to infection in anyone.

10. HIV is the same as AIDS
In fact this couldn't be further from the truth. HIV is a virus and AIDS is a collection of illnesses. Knowing the difference between the two is a very important part of understanding both.

I hope this helps in debunking some myths that still are prevalent today.
Peace and Love and good health,
HomerX voices respect
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replied April 1st, 2008
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Peace and Love,homerX
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