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Tooth root showing through gum

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Hi everyone,

I need help with my teeth. I am only a young teenager and i haven't been to the dentist for 2 years. But i only recently discovered that a part of my tooth root is showing, and Ive come to a conclusion that either 1. the gum has eroded away to show the root. or 2. The tooth is being pushed out by another tooth underneath. This tooth is only a baby tooth, and i have a loose canine next to it, but what worries me also is that the canine has been loose since January 2008, and it still hasn't come out. I haven't noticed because there has been no pain in the gum or teeth at all, and it isn't loose.

Could someone please tell me what's going on, and how i should go about it.


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replied March 1st, 2011
I have the same problem! It's an adult tooth, but it can be seen through the gum. It poked a little hole. This has been going on with me for a while. The problem usually fixes itself, though.
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replied November 22nd, 2011
Hello I have the same problem with an adult tooth it seems the gum has eroded away to show the root of my tooth. Any ideas?
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