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Tooth pain and soreness after having a crown put in

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I recently chipped my front tooth playing ice hockey. There was no pain when the impact happened or anytime immediately after. X-rays were taken at my dentist 4 days later who said there was no nerve damage or anything like that, just a clean break. He then told me that I need to get a porcelain crown put in. He proceeded to prepare the tooth for the crown by shaving it down, and put a temp crown on it in the mean time. I had the temporary crown for a week while the permanent one was being made and color matched. Again, I experienced no pain or discomfort while I had the temporary crown on, not even a hint of soreness. Then I went back to the dentist, where he removed the temp. I noticed at this point (when I had no crown on) that my tooth was quite sensitive. He said this was normal because he had shaved a lot of the tooth down to prepare for the crown. It turned out that the permanent crown they made was too dark, so they had to make another one. He put the temp crown back on, and I had it there for another week with no pain or soreness. Then today I went back and got the permanent crown put in. After the freezing wore off, my tooth felt a little sensitive. Kind of like it did when I had no crown on but no where near as intense, just a little sensitive. Now, a few hours later, my tooth still feels sensitive, more than when I first noticed it and my whole tooth hurts. The pain is somewhat throbbing and I can feel it up in my cheek (under my eye) and I have a headache. Is it normal to experience this type of pain after having the crown put in? I'm just a little worried cause I didn't experience any kind of pain/discomfort with the temporary one during those 2 weeks, so why now? Any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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replied April 16th, 2012
Pain after permanent crown
I have the same problem. I had a crown in March. temp crown for 2 weeks with zero problems. When removed temp and put perm in, I had pain when the lady cleaned the temp. cement out. I have had pain ever since perm. crown on. Root healthy before and after crown on x-ray. I have throbbing tooth pain down to jaw and back to ear. Went back 5 times and all they want to do is root canal. I am giving mine a couple more weeks and them am going to another dentist. Can they pinch a nerve? I am on second round of antibiotics. I just wish I knew if this tooth will quiet down in a few weeks.
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replied July 19th, 2012
I am having a similar problem. A few weeks ago I had a bad fall and badly fractured my two front teeth, and right incisor. I have had root canals on all three teeth, and got crowns on my four front teeth so they would all match. I haven't experienced pain or discomfort throughout any of the process, except for expected soreness after the root canals and crown preps. Two days ago I had the permanent crowns put in, and now my left front tooth is very sensitive to flossing and any kind of pressure. There is no pain unless I touch the tooth, floss, or try to bite into something. It is not intense pain, but it's definitely there. This is worrying me because this tooth has already had a root canal. The rest of the teeth are completely fine, including the one tooth that did not need a root canal. I'm worried that this might be an indication of a fracture of the root, high up in the gum. Has anyone had a similar experience, and did the sensitivity stop after a few weeks?
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