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Tooth Extraction Site Not Healing

I got a super numerary molar extracted a little over two weeks ago due to over-crowding. I formed a good clot and have not felt any pain in the extraction site at all.

However, food keeps getting caught in there, and I am worried this is slowing down the healing process. The tooth that was pulled was not in line with my other teeth. It was more towards the roof of my mouth, which makes it nearly impossible to avoid food getting in there when swallowing.

Normally, I can rinse with warm salt water and the food particles come out easily. For some reason, I got some food caught in there a couple days ago that is wedged so far in, it's not coming out. It doesn't hurt at all, but it caused the area to bleed a little two different times after brushing my teeth. I've tried to use a syringe to lightly spray a little water in there to clean it out, but it is not working.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is it best to leave the food in there and wait for it to dissolve and work its way out, or will it prevent healing? Is it at risk of becoming infected? Normally, I would not be too worried, but from all I've read, it seems tooth extraction sites should start healing after two weeks, and mine is not.

I want to get more information and input on this before I go back to the dentist and spend a pretty penny for him to look at it. I am also afraid this thing might never heal if food keeps getting stuck up there. Any advice will help!
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replied April 12th, 2011
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