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Took Plan B & Got My Period ...

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Okay, so on August 14th, I had a little encounter with a friend. He stuck his penis in me for about no more than four seconds. Before he did though, I checked him to make sure that he didn't precum or ejaculate before inserting it inside. I doubt that anything got inside, but on the 16th I took Plan B to be safe.
I experienced the light bleeding that several have said was common, and about six days after ingesting Plan B, I got what seemed to be my normal period - it was enough blood for a pad/tampon, it lasted seven days (the normality for my usual periods), and the only thing different about it was that it was just a wee bit lighter than it usually is (I usually get heavy periods).
Me and him did what we did after I got done ovulating, and my cycle went like this:
April 12-18
May 12-18
June 16-22
July 16-22
So I was expecting my period around August 20th, and it happened on August 23rd. I'm feeling okay now, just some mild abdominal cramps like the site said, tiny headaches, and some nausea. Other than that, I'm feeling like my normal self. Any advice? What should I expect now since I already got my period after taking Plan B One Step? Thanks ! Smile
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replied September 2nd, 2011
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Plan B will stop yur menstruation and cause withdrawal bleeding after about 7 days. It seems like this 7 day bleed and your menstruation ws at the same time so who knows what is going on.

Your next menstruation can still be a bit confusing and likely come at a strange time.

Please be very careful when you play. Friends does not have unsafe sex with friends unless they want to make a baby.
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