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took 2 of the pills that day and it stopped my period

I have been a regular user of birth control for about 7 months now. I missed a pill the day before yesterday which then brought my period the following day. I then took 2 of the pills that day (yesterday) and it stopped my period (which it usually does when I have doubled up in the past). I had unprotected sex yesterday and he had finished in me. Since I am technically on my period and have been pretty good with my birth control (except for missing that one pill), are my chances of pregnant high? My period has stopped from the doubling up on the pill so I am overthinking and very nervous. I would take emergency contraceptive if necessary but I would like to abstain from that if I could.
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replied August 11th, 2016
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Your period when you are on birth control is not menstruation. Menstruation is a biological cycle that takes around 28 days on average. Your pill period is withdrawal bleeding. It happens because the level of the pill hormones in your body drops, which makes your uterus lining bleed. That is why missing a pill makes you bleed (hormone level drops), and then taking it later makes it stop (hormone level rises).

If you took the missed pill within 24 hours of missing it, you are still pretty safe. Not as safe as if you just took it on time, but only marginally less safe. Not enough to worry about.

You understand your circumstances better than any of us. If you absolutely cannot afford to get pregnant, take the extra step and use emergency contraceptives. If not and you are one in 1000 that gets pregnant from that, you will always blame yourself for not taking it.

Take care
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