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Too much masturbation cause urinary problems ?

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I am 24 years old and I am concerned because I masturbate quite a bit.

I have never gotten an orgasm a sexual intercourse from my boyfriend (the only person that I had sex with) but he has went down on me numerous times and I remember getting an orgasm once after he was licking me for about half an hour. I still like having sex but it gets frustrating not being able to get an orgasm. Anyhow after we have sex, I usually have to play with myself to get my orgasm. And I don't enjoy him fingering me because it makes me feel uncomfortable.
For the past two months or so, we have not been having sex because he has been too stressed out with work and all and he hasn't been able to get it 'up'.
And this is when I noticed that I have been masturbating more than usual, sometimes 0 times a day but sometimes it can be up to 3 times a day.

I don't think thats normal. I am afraid that if I keep doing it I will lose whatever I have left to enjoy normal sex since I can't get an orgasm from from a sexual intercourse. I didn't know that masturbation can become an addiciton, I don't think I have an addiction, but maybe i am in denial? Can it bad for you to masturbate that much?I am afraid that some of my viginal nerves are damaged due to masturbation. And I am also afraid that as I age, I will have urinary problems. Is it possible?
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First Helper UnknownABC

replied June 9th, 2010
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kandiapple, Sorry to hear about his problems. Masturbation is healthy and natural, unless it interferes with your life or you use something that can harm you. Masturbation does not cause problems per se. If you get germs into your urethra, you will get an UTI. It is not because of masturbation but if your fingers or toys are not clean, it can certainly increase the frequency.

Remember to find different ways/positions/touches/speed/force to masturbate so that you can keep all the nerves and nerve systems active and involved.

If you think that it is harmful, it will be psycologically harmful as that will always bother you.

It certainly does not sound excessive. Remember that you are young and almost in your sexual prime with a lot of hormones in your system. It is normal for you to want an orgasm. There are so many good hormones secreted in your brain when you orgasm that your brain wil crave this. Your sexual wants are also most likely changing throughout your cycle. Masturbation is a much better way to deal with your needs than hooking up or suppressing it totally.

Take care.
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replied March 11th, 2011

I'm 25 and have been masturbating at least 3 times a week since I was 12. I have the same exact problem as you!! I can not get off with just his ya know and if he goes down on me it seems to take forever!! You should try to introduce masturbating into your sex with your boyfriend. I love getting off on my own but when I'm having sex with my husband and I touch myself it is like 100 orgasms in one! At first it took forever to finally achieve orgasm because I was nervous when started to touch my clit in front of him but now I can get off in under a couple minutes. Its amazing! If you haven't done it by now you should!!

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replied April 20th, 2014
I am 23 i mastrubate 4-5 times a week some times 0 a week some times i get pain in lower abdomal right side that too mild pain as i am over weight and having streach marks is tht pain due to over weight or for mastrubating .. i do only jet water Mastrubation does it harms ??
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