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too much lubrication

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I am in my mid 20's, on BCP, and I have been to the physician and obtained my annual pap smear and still nothing as turned up... no infections, no stds, etc... but yet I still continue to have an excessive amount of odorless, white, vaginal discharge. All the time, during sex or not. My boyfriend and I barely ever have sex because it is so excessive that neither of us are able to obtain an orgasm (too much lubrication, no resistance). We end up just quitting and it's messy. It is hurting our relationship. Not to mention the wet spots it leaves on his bed, I feel the need to always sleep in something thick, like my JEANS to keep the wetness in : ( He is very sweet about it but it is seriously embarrassing and it makes me want to break up with him so he doesn't have to have a sex-less (or boring/bad sex) relationship. is there anyway to amend this issue??
thank you so much.
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replied October 12th, 2008
Hey you,

I have experienced the same thing a time or two before myself...and came to find out the meds I was taking for allergies was the cause. So add more H20 to your daily routine and if your taking some type of meds check into changing them.

Good Luck...
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