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Too many prescriptions!? Please help

I have been dealing with huge amounts of stress and anxiety and panic attacks and my doctor prescribed me 20 mg a day of Lexapro, 30 MG a day of buspar and 50 MG of imipramine . I'm extremely nervous and anxious about taking this many anti-depressants and anti- anxiety medications. I've read horror stories of seratonin syndrome and things of the sort. If anyone can help , please do. Thank you
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replied December 28th, 2013
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While there is a interaction effect between these drugs that may increase the chance of seratonin symdrome. I would suggest talking to your doctor about either altering or even getting better information on how to recognize the symptoms of seratonin syndrome. However, the chances are your doctor felt the benefits outweighed the risk when prescribing these drugs to you.

Best of luck.
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