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my question is in regards to bowel movements! i go too many times! and have pain in rectum at times! u sed to have blood in stools, but now! no blood, but constant urge to go! stools fel very hard ,and have hard time getting them out! i keep thinking bowel obstruction but have no clue! they are not!! loose! Sad bottom line: i spend too much time on toilet! this is not normal!! i have adjusted diet, but still have symptoms!!
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replied March 21st, 2008
fat burner pills
are there any? fat burner pills which would help one lose about 25 pounds to go with exercise and diet? i weigh 225 at 5-11 and want to get down to 190 in 6 weeks!! any suggestions? i have heard from medical people that all fat burner pills are ripoffs! and scams!! true?
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