Well.... ive been trying to get pregnant for couple of months with my husband. It is difficult because he is in the military and he is stationed oversea!! im living in the states going to grad school ... but we really want a baby. I fly back and forth as much as I can ... and of course when we see one another, we have unprotected sex, and every month like clockwork, my period would start. we thought my husband had issues with his "area" but he was tested and everything came out fine. last month, we had a false positive pregnancy test, which was very disappointing. my last period was on dec 15, 2008, and i checked when i was ovulating, and it was on dec 31st, which i thought was perfect ... but he was sick with the cold, so nothing happens. then, of course, couple of days later, i got sick ... and am still sick. to be honest, i had an abortion during my younger days, and when i was pregnant back then, i got a really bad cold, but i know im sick because of catching the bug from my husband. we did not have sex all before dec 31st, but not on that day nor since I have been sick, well, yesterday, but im no longer ovulating. my back has been hurting, my breast has been tender; i have been an emotional wreck ... so maybe i am pregnant ... but is it too early to tell??? i am here with my husband for another week, and i have to go back and im not even sure when i am coming back. we are going to try to come back every month, but i know that is going to be too difficult for me ... traveling and graduate school ... and work??????? but, what are the changes of my being pregnant????? any advice????
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replied January 5th, 2009
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It takes an average healthy couple 12 months to conceive a child. If you weren't having sex, your chance of pregnancy is not good. How do you know you ovulated on the 31st? Do you chart your temps and keep a record? Or are you going by the very vague 14 days after the first day of your last period you ovulate rule? Because that rule doesn't work for everyone.

Its too early for pregnancy symptoms. Those won't show up until your period is due, they coincide with the hormones that build up when your body is pregnant. The hormones cause positive pregnancy tests AND they cause pregnancy symptoms.

Good luck to you.
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