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tonsils swollen with nausea after eating

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hi, i have recently had a really painful sore throat which i can identify as tonsilitus due to the white spots present on my tonsils, but more of the problem is with this i have been feeling sick after eating meals- is this linked in anyway? the feeling is horrible and is there any suggestions for how to get rid of it?

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replied September 4th, 2009
oh very normal!!!!!! i am a frequently flyer when it comes to tonsilitus.
Take advil a gravol remember soup and popsycles ARE your best friend. try to stick to broth and away fromt he chucks till the fever breaks and your feeling "hungry" and sleep lots and lots of sleep.. the gravol will make you tired and the nausea will subside with its help.
Feel better!!!
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replied December 7th, 2011
Daugther has extreme nausea since Octbober 24, At the time had strep and pneuomina. The strep and pneuomina cleared but the nausea has not. Every gastro test was done and all normal. Blood work all normal. Could her enlarged tonsils be causing the extreme nausea? She had strep 7 times in an 8 month period. Nausea is a 7 when she eats goes up to a ten. Any one that can help, I would appreciate.
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