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Tomato juice. does this inflame gout?

My husband has tom. juice with his breakfast every morning. He has terrible gout. He is bedridden so does not get much exercise. Have been told that toms. are b for gout. is this true?
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replied August 1st, 2010
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Hey dreamboat!

I think that the "seed" part of the tomato can contribute to gout. So it's possible that the tomato juice is contributing to his gout.

Maybe he should try another juice, one that can clean up his system? A wheat grass smoothie may help. Or other juices made from vegetables.
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replied August 3rd, 2010
Interesting question. It brought up 3 things for me. The difference between fresh (organically grown) tomatoes and processed tomato juice in a can can be two completely different animals. Personally, anything that comes in a box, can, bottle or a bag should be avoided or minimized.

So we know Mr. Dreamboat husband drinks tomato juice every morning . . . but . . . what does the rest of his diet look like? Maybe the culprit lays somewhere else.

A new subject of interest for me is the Lymph System. Since there is nothing like the heart to pump that fluid around like the blood, it depends on Movement and/or Exercise to circulate it around the body. Lymph is highly responsible for carrying out Toxic Wastes. If he is bed ridden he needs a lot of massage work done.

Also, tomatoes are an Acid food but the concern should be about the chemical process that happens once a food substance gets in the body. Ex: Apple Cider Vinegar is very Acidic but when it gets in the body it raises the pH up toward Alkaline.

Here's what I tell all my guys: If you've got too much Uric Acid, you're too Acidic. You need to look for ways to move the pH of your body chemistry up toward Alkaline.
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replied August 4th, 2010
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Hey preventgout,

Good point! Dreamboat, what else is your husband eating?
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