About 2-3 weeks ago my third toenail on my right foot seperated from the nail bed. A new nail has started growing. Now it's happening on my left foot, same toe. There was a little bit of a nail left at the bottom, so it didn't all come off but most of it did.
Does anyone know what causes this? As far as I know I'm healthy, I had a physical in April and everything was normal.
In the beginning of May I did have some sort of stomach virus (I actually think it was the samonella poisoning that they keep talking about, don't know if your immune system would affect that.
Do I need to go to a doctor? I kinda freak out when something abnormal happens and think the worst.
Thanks for your help!!
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replied July 14th, 2008
Hello and welcome to eHealth. I have never heard of toenails just coming off on their own, hopefully someone here will know what you are talking about. If this really bothers you, why not make an appointment with a podiatrist? I thinkg if it were me, happened to just the one toenail, I might let it slide, but you say is affected a toenail on both feet? Hope you find an answer. Please let us know!
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